CHUMAK has been supplying sauces and ketchup to McDonald's Ukraine since 1997 being a trusty and reliable partner all this time. The quality of our products meets world standards and requirements that is proved by audits conducted by McDonald's we successfully pass each year.

At the same time, we don’t stop on achieved results and constantly expand the range of products for MсD restaurants, both on domestic and export markets. Having said this, we started direct shipments of our products to McDonald's restaurants in the Republic of Belarus as on the March of 2018.

Currently we supply Belarussian McDonald's chain with ketchup, pickled cucumbers and mayonnaise sauces in dip-packs, but plan to further expand the assortment.

Taking the high standards of our partner as a challenge, we are happy to provide McDonald's clients with high quality CHUMAK products and are looking forward to take our cooperation to the next level!

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